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Fleurs sur table ac 30x30 web
Fleurs sur table rouge 2016 ac 60x15 web on white Fleurs aux feuilles vertes 2016 ac 50x15 web on white Le bleu de tes yeux 2016 ac 30x30 web Fleur et pomme ac 30x30 web Histoire de coeur i 2013 ac 60x60 web

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Fleurs sur Table Ronde

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 30x30 in.

Price: $3,475 Cdn.

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About the Artist

Danielle Lanteigne's work reflects her strengths in terms of division of space, rendering masses of colour and seeking out textures. It invites the viewer to look at daily life with a slight smile, playing with the perspective of everyday objects, confronting them in an apparently irrational order but animating them by the same life force. Lanteigne sees herself as a "colourist" and, although she is a painter of the "new configuration school", she "deforms" in order to better "reform", to make lines vibrate and to break with convention.

Danielle has always loved the creative process. Intuitive, even visionary, as a child of 10, she instinctively knew how to use her sister's oil paints. After studying art at Concordia University and a decade of research, Lanteigne won the Grand Prix du Conseil de la Culture des Laurintides in 1992. She followed a rigorous style under the watchful eye of Francoise Sullivan, whose influence is still seen in Lanteigne's drawing.

Lanteigne resides in Montreal, Quebec.

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