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Deconstruct 1 laquer-polymer 60x48 web

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Deconstruct 1

Technique: laquer on polymer

Dimensions: 60x48 in.

Price: $7,500 Cdn.

About the Artist

Rand Heidinger was born and currently works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He began his career in furniture design, as well as building custom displays for the film industry. Always striving to create something beautiful with unexplored materials, Heidinger started creating artworks out of the industrial mediums he used as a designer and builder. Primarily self-taught, Heidinger spent the last twenty years of his career mastering the application of unusual art mediums. Unaware of any other artist using such materials, Heidinger found himself in new territory, which began to get him noticed by local collectors and galleries. Encouraged by the support, Heidinger set out to create the work he felt would truly represent his ideas about form, function and artistic quality.

Made almost entirely from industrial tools and materials, his works are carefully composed layers of automotive paint and resin on thin acrylic thermoplastic. This process lends depth, texture and luminescence to the visual plane that responds differently under varied lighting. His works combine the stark, geometric nature of industry with softness of form through the manipulation of light and translucency within the layers of paint. “My art reflects the disordered state behind the orderly grid we present to the world.” Heidinger’s works are in numerous corporate and private collections in the US and Canada. HRH Prince Phillip personally chose his work for the collection of the ‘Arts for Nature Trust’ in Buckingham Palace.

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