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Mountain view west of twin butte 2015 ac 16x24 web
Morning light ac 28x60 web Cowboy tonic looking south ab 22 2016 ac 36x24 web

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Mountain View, West of Twin Butte

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 16x24 in.

Price: $2,375 Cdn.

About the Artist

Randolph Parker has lived, studied and travelled across Canada, drawing inspiration from images he has seen across the land. He is well known for his panoramic landscape vistas of various regions of Canada. His paintings are rich with colour and texture. Their vast sense of space coupled with lush foreground detail pull the viewer right into the scene. Parker has described his work as "taking a visual journey", a journey he sees as a metaphor for life and its experiences. "As an artist I am developing in three ways; technically, intellectually and emotionally. My work is a synthesis of where I am from and the best of what I have learned along the way." About Randolph Parker Randolph Parker was born in Huntsville, Ontario on June 27th, 1954. His formal art training took place at Mt. Allison University in Sackville, Ontario. He later attended the Banff Centre in Alberta where he studied under the direction of Takao Tanabe. During that time Parker was exposed to artists and critics such as Terry Fenton, Gordon Rayner, Joseph Raphael, Alan Wood and Denis Burton. He later studied art criticism at York University and won the Carl Dair award for painting. Parker has shared his knowledge and passion for painting with many students over the years. He lives and works on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Selected Collections Trimark Investment Inc., Vancouver Suncor Inc., Calgary Price Waterhouse, Edmonton Malchy Grain Co., Geneva, Switzerland Wawanesa Insurance, Winnipeg Fairview Cadillac, Toronto Canderal Corporation, Ottawa Omers Realty, Toronto Ministry of Natural Resources, Ont. Canadian National Railway Carleton Board of Education, Ont. Hewlette Packard, Winnipeg Alta Gas, Alta. Pen Growth Management, Alta. Coro Oil & Gas Management, Alta. Ryans Energy, Alta.
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