Historic Art | Rody Kenny Courtice R.C.A.

About the Artist

b.1895 Born in Renfrew, Ontario she studied at the Ontario College of ARt (1920-1924) under Arthur Lismer and others and won a scholarship each year until graduation. She attended the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied puppets and stagecraft under Tony Sarg and also took observation classes in schools at New York, London, Paris, and elsewhere. She studied stagecraft under the late Roy Mitchell. She was Librarian at the Ontario College of Art, 1925-6; Assistant Instructor to J.W. Beatty at Port Hope Summer School; taught at the Doon School of Art and Teachers' Summer Course with the late Professor John Alford. As a painter she has been influenced mainly by the Group of Seven and more recently, the late Hans Hofmann, having attended a summer session under him at Provincetown, Mass. in 1950. She is a painter of landscapes and abstracts in the media of egg tempera, watercolour, oils, charcoal, crayon, collage and scratchboard. She has exhibited at the Tate Gallery, London, England; Brazil; New York at the World's Fair, 1939; Riverside Museum and American-British Gallery, New York. She has had a continued interest in farm subjects which she has presented in several styles. A review of her 1951 exhibition at the Victoria College by the Toronto "Globe and Mail" stated, "Beginning with the work fairly typical of the post-Group-of-Seven era, she has gone on to representational work integrated with abstract backgrounds and then to more stress on the abstract side..." ~Excerpt from "A Dictionary of Canadian Artists," Volume I, by Colin S. MacDonald, Canadian Paperbacks Publishing Ltd., 1967, pg. 149
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