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Port hawkesbury on the straits of canada capew breton 1910 wc 10x19 web

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Port Hawkesbury on the Straits of Canada, Cape Breton 1910

Technique: watercolour on paper

Dimensions: 10x19 in.

About the Artist

T. Mower Martin (1838 – 1934) T Mower Martin was born in England and studied at military school in Enfield, England. As an artist he was largely self-taught and only studied watercolour briefly at South Kensington Galleries in London. He immigrated, with his wife, to Canada in 1862. After attempting to run an unsuccessful farm in rural Ontario he opened a studio in Toronto, which served as a base for his painting excursions that took him throughout Canada, America and Europe. Martin was the first director of the Ontario Government Art School in Toronto where he taught John C Forbes and Lucius O’Brien. He was a founding member of the OSA in 1872 and a founding member of the RCA in 1880. He painted with FM Bell-Smith, Lucius O’Brien and Marmaduke Matthews in 1887 for the CPR. Martin lived to be nearly 100 and painted prolifically until the time of his death in Toronto in 1934. “Early Painters and Engravers of Canada” J. Russell Harper. 1970. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists” Colin S. MacDonald. 1968.
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