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Memories of yesterday 2  2018 mmc 48x48

David Brunning - “If Walls Could Talk”

May 5th to 17th, 2018

Please join us for an exhibition and sale of artwork by David Brunning (TheKidBelo). A daytime reception will be held
Saturday, May 5, 2018

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About the Exhibition
History would reveal layer upon layer of paint overwriting paint; old surfaces made new, new surfaces eventually worn out, written upon walls cleaned up or simply neglected as the once rich vibrancy fades. Walls surround us and sometimes change without our even noticing, keeping us confined or at best, recognizably present to our surroundings.
The surface, or wall, whether outside the home or within, under the bridge or in the alleyway, constructing sky high towers or defining borders and neighbourhoods, is often a consistent surface for the all-pleasing grey or brown tone covering of acrylic latex and signage. But what of color? What about art?
If Walls Could Talk showcases David’s latest abstract paintings which consider the abandoned art, the unsanctioned scribbles, the often covered street art he grew up painting, as well as the very backdrop to his studio, once pushed inside. David has long been a studio artist but his art stems nearly two decades of surface work, both interiors and exteriors, as a graffiti artist and muralist. He desires to reveal these archival pieces from his studio, painted overtop of for more than a decade, and his latest collection of conversational paintings, depicting abandoned walls, as he continues to open up the dialogue of sanctioned and non-sanctioned art, graffiti and of course, making color come alive upon the walls.

About The Artist

David Brunning, also widely known as TheKidBelo , is a contemporary artist from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) working in a wide variety of mediums since the late 1990's. A former graffiti artist, David has expanded into the fine art realm with his abstract work. An avid traveler and brand enthusiast who is motivational through his art, speaking and overall presence, David seeks to create paintings that ultimately inspire others to see past the obvious, feel beyond the nominal and permeate the common connection.
With a wonderfully expressive and creative mind, David's work often reflects his personal life experiences or thematic groupings rich with style and tonal presence, voicing that wildly expressive, colorful street feel he is known for or the more subdued, minimalist approach he sometimes settles into.

Currently David resides in Calgary, Alberta.

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Memories Of Yesterday Ii

Technique: mixed media on canvas

Dimensions: 48x48 in.

Price: $5,475 Cdn.

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