Lawren Harris

Algoma Sketch CVIII, c. 1920

oil on panel
10.75x14 in.

Inscribed with Doris Mills Inventory #2 / 108
Inscribed R.E. Scott to verso

Kaspar Gallery, Toronto;
Private collection, Ontario
Private collection

Doris Mills, L.S. Harris Inventory, 1936, Algoma Sketches, Group 2, cat. No. 108, location noted as Studio Building;
Paul Duval, Lawren Harris: Where the Universe Sings, 2011, related 1924 canvas Northern Island II reproduced p. 233

Lawren Harris met the other artists who were to form the Group of Seven through the Arts and Letters Club. He had been a founding member of the Club and had a background very different to the other members of the Group. Harris was born in Brantford, Ontario and was an…