Joe Fafard R.C.A.

Down By The Old Mill Stream, 1990

bronze table, ed. 2 of 5
45x24x15 in.

Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton;
Private collection

Joe Fafard’s bronze furniture pieces combined elements of functional furniture with pure sculpture, bringing the gap between form and function. Here, in Down By The Old Mill Stream, he has left little room for function. The table top, instead of a surface upon which to place one’s car keys, becomes a pool of water in which two dapple-grey horses quench their thirst. Water drips from the convex bottom of the table, furthering the idea. Fafard really gilds the lily by using gumboots, the de rigueur footwear of the farm, not only as the feet of the table, but to form the braces between the legs.

Joseph Fafard, sculptor (b at Ste-Marthe-Rocanville, Sask 2 Sept 1942). Joe Fafard attended the University of Manitoba (BFA 1966) and Pennsylvania State University (MFA 1968). He began his career making kinetic sculpture, but soon after his appointment at the University of Saskatchewan in 1968 he turned to satirical plaster portraits…