Joe Fafard R.C.A.


bronze, ed. 6 of 7
40x33x17 in.

The intimacy of Joe Fafard’s works allows us to take them into our spaces in a way that the large works, especially the scale works, do not. These small edition bronzes create that sense of intimacy instantly upon encountering them. With their character, their swagger, and their playfully manipulated forms, Fafard allows us to see them foreshortened by distance and with a playful and quirky field of view. Their lifelike essence and the fact that they are presented to us with the clear stamp of Fafard’s aesthetic adds to their undeniable presence.

Joseph Fafard, sculptor (b at Ste-Marthe-Rocanville, Sask 2 Sept 1942). Joe Fafard attended the University of Manitoba (BFA 1966) and Pennsylvania State University (MFA 1968). He began his career making kinetic sculpture, but soon after his appointment at the University of Saskatchewan in 1968 he turned to satirical plaster portraits…