Illingworth Kerr R.C.A.

Fireweed & Burnt Timber, Storm Mountain No. 3

oil on canvas board
12x16 in.
$4,800 Cdn.

Private collection, Alberta

Storm Mountain is located in the Misty Mountain Range of Banff, Alberta, and has been a popular cabin site since the early 20th century. The area is also extremely prone to forest fires, which is where Kerr finds his subject for this panel, and would capture in multiple sketches and canvases in the 1970s and 80s. The aftermath of the burn, with a colourful juxtaposition of torched trees and the beginnings of new growth interplay to draw the viewer into the landscape.

Illingworth Holey Kerr, “Buck,” painter, illustrator, writer (b at Lumsden, Sask 20 Aug 1905; d at Calgary 6 Jan 1989). Kerr attended Central Technical School, Toronto, and Ontario College of Art. He also studied at Westminster School of Art, London, in 1936 and, returning to Canada, taught at Vancouver School…