Daniel Plante

Fruits du Soleil, 1990

acrylic on canvas
12x16 in.

Private collection, Calgary;
Masters Gallery Ltd., Calgary;
Private collection, Edmonton

Daniel Plante is celebrated for his hyper-realistic paintings that present luminous visions of everyday life. Painstakingly rendered with utmost detail, his works achieve a serene quality, and the artist is careful to produce an air of timelessness. “My subjects don’t wear shoes and their clothes are ample and often neutral to avoid being dated,” Plante notes, “The carpets, tables and curtainsin my paintings don’t follow fashion or style past or present.” (1)

1. Liseanne LeTellier, The Calming Effect of Daniel Plante, Magazin’Art, 2006, p. 158

Daniel Plante was born in Montreal and now lives in the Laurentians with his wife, his two daughters and his son, who act as his models. The Late Dr. Stern of the Dominion Gallery was the first person to realize the extent of Plante’s talent. Plante has since exhibited several…