David Thauberger R.C.A.

Gala Fabrics, 1995

acrylic on canvas
42x42 in.
$9,200 Cdn.

‘Sweet Tooth Cafe’ is another from a series of ‘tourist traps’ that I painted in 1993… that summer I spent two weeks in the Yukon -Whitehorse and Kluane National Park as part of an art expedition… on one sojourn , we spent an afternoon in Skagway, Alaska… the first time I ever experienced a real tourist Mecca- the whole place, businesses and all catering to the tourist trade- we happened to be there on an afternoon when no less than three cruise ships disembarked and the small town of about 500 souls began to buzz with some 7000 tourists- fortunately I had spent the earlier part of the afternoon taking photos of the buildings- before the mass of tourists made it impossible… this painting is from one of those photos.

– David Thauberger

The first thing that catches your eye in a gallery exhibiting the work of David Thauberger is the sheer colour of it. The second thing is its clearness and precision. A closer look is like zooming in to see places usually shown from farther away within the context of the…