Andrew James McKay

Ghost Settlement (Outside Whistler)

acrylic, ink and graphite on panel
20x24 in.
$3,000 Cdn.

On a trip out to Whistler during the year this painting was done, we’d decided to go walking off-trail. After following the railroad for several kilometres the decision was made to go into the depths of the woods. After several more kilometres we came across the scattered remains of what had been a group of wooden shelters. The dampness of the now ruined buildings was immediately palpable—the materials used in their construction were being reclaimed into the forest and the general and pervasive humidity in the area played no small part. Eventually finding our way back to the rail tracks it struck me that it was so strange there would be such structures all the way out there to begin with: why had they been built so far out and what had the people there been doing?

– Andrew James McKay

Andrew James McKay’s practice is an exploration of the relationship(s) between the component and the whole. That is to say: What are the individual and specific details of the life we experience? How do we record and arrange those details to make a work which can tell of that experience?…