Cornelius Krieghoff

Indian Hunters at a Portage, c. 1860

oil on canvas
13x18 in.

Captain W.A. Dobie, London, England;
Watson Art Galleries, Montreal;
Private collection, London, England and Montreal;
Galerie Eric Klinkhoff, Montreal

Depictions of Indigenous people form a large part of Cornelius Krieghoff’s very significant body of work, estimated at 1500 – 1800 paintings and prints. After arriving in Canada from Bavaria, Germany, via the United States, Krieghoff settled first in Boucherville, Quebec, and moved frequently while developing his skills as an artist. Indian Hunters at a Portage is circa dated to his time in Québec City, and is a classic depiction of a First Nations life, idealized through Krieghoff’s hand. Four hunters are pulled up on the edge of a river, two clean their rifles, while one makes a fire in the lee of a large rock. The fourth hunter kneels beside their prize, a woodland caribou. The edge of the river is peace full and calm, with autumn colour and gentle light bathing the scene.


Krieghoff, Cornelius (1815 – 1872) Cornelius Krieghoff was born in Amsterdam on June 19, 1815. During his childhood his family moved to Dusseldorf. In his early twenties Krieghoff moved with his brother to America. Once there, Krieghoff enlisted in the American Army and made many topographical studied during his service.…