Joe Fafard R.C.A.

Jimmy le Veau (Study)

clay, ed. 1 of 1
10x21x20 in.

The Fafard Aesthetic, the look and feel that has been ascribed to the work of this Order of Canada artist, is instantly recognizable in the clay study for Jimmy the Calf, as well as the small edition of bronzes that have come from it. Fafard was interested in the form over the idea of the subject, and his rurally-lived life gave him ample first-hand experience with the subject of his forms. Gentle, somewhat funky, often sweet, and always amusing, Fafard’s animals elicit a unique response in us. We can interact with them in way not possible in real life, and he confers on all of them a mantle of respect by rendering them as art in bronze, respect that we share as we gaze at them and admire their remarkable patinas.

Joseph Fafard, sculptor (b at Ste-Marthe-Rocanville, Sask 2 Sept 1942). Joe Fafard attended the University of Manitoba (BFA 1966) and Pennsylvania State University (MFA 1968). He began his career making kinetic sculpture, but soon after his appointment at the University of Saskatchewan in 1968 he turned to satirical plaster portraits…