Dr. Joane Cardinal-Schubert LL.D (Hon), R.C.A.

Letter to Emily, 1992-93

mixed media on canvas
30x36 in.

She painted that around the time she did ‘Champlain’s Astrolabe,’ which is a very personal piece.
Samuel de Champlain came up the Ottawa River to basically Ottawa but he lost his astrolabe while he was taking a star shot. That astrolabe was found by a scrounger antiques deal and he sold it to an American for $75 and when the Canadian Museum Association found out, they wanted it back really bad because it’s an integral part of our history. They ended up having to pay $750,000 for it.
This is Joane writing to Emily Carr about that astrolabe. She always had this thing about Emily Carr. She did a lot of writing about her right on the paintings. She had this thing. She tried to get a student travel grant to go look at Emily Carr stuff. The people reviewing the grant said they were afraid she was going to copy Emily’s work. Like Emily, Joane had a hard time getting accepted by the art industry. 

-Mike Schubert and Justin Cardinal-Schubert

A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts since 1986, Joane Cardinal-Schubert was also a writer, curator, lecturer, poet and activist for First Nations artists and individuals engaged in the struggle for Native sovereignty. Joane Cardinal-Schubert was born in 1942 in Red Deer and attended the Alberta College of…