Andrew James McKay


acrylic, ink and graphite on panel
18x14 in.
$2,000 Cdn.

I’d waited out the bulk of the pandemic in Ontario. I took work as a house painter and did very few portraits because of the reluctance of most people to congregate—frustrating! After recently coming back to Vancouver at the turn of the New Year, the pandemic felt to be in retreat and it was possible to meet in person again without the spectre of, ‘what if?’ I met a former schoolmate at Gene’s Coffee in Vancouver and did a few life drawings. I was out of practice but I did finally get something going. I returned to the studio and painted this picture of Lucy, here in a striking open-weave balaclava which had been knitted by a friend of hers.

– Andrew James McKay

Andrew James McKay’s practice is an exploration of the relationship(s) between the component and the whole. That is to say: What are the individual and specific details of the life we experience? How do we record and arrange those details to make a work which can tell of that experience?…