Illingworth Kerr R.C.A.

Mountain Facade, Lake O’Hara, 1984

oil on canvas board
12x16 in.

Robert Vanderleelie Gallery, Lemarchand Mansion, Edmonton;
Peter Ohler Fine Arts, Toronto

Mountain Facade, Lake O’Hara was completed in Kerr’s late career, when at 78 years old, he was still painting ferevenlty. Even in these later years, he practiced painting outdoors, seeking the direct experience of “nature flowing through him”. (1) Kerr often stuck to a minimal palette during this period, using at most two to three colours, and most often rendered neutral tones and shadows in shades of purple.

1. Margaret Callahan, Harvest of the Spirit: Illingworth Kerr Retrospective, p. 44

Illingworth Holey Kerr, “Buck,” painter, illustrator, writer (b at Lumsden, Sask 20 Aug 1905; d at Calgary 6 Jan 1989). Kerr attended Central Technical School, Toronto, and Ontario College of Art. He also studied at Westminster School of Art, London, in 1936 and, returning to Canada, taught at Vancouver School…