RFM McInnis

Mt. Robson, 1978

oil on panel
9x12 in.
$1,900 Cdn.

R.F.M. McInnis has been an established artist for over 40 years. The artist was born and raised in New Brunswick, and for a number of years worked as a newspaper reporter and Royal Canadian Airforce Photographer. McInnis found success in his painting career in the 1970s, and in 1978, he moved to Calgary.

Mount Robson would have been painted in McInnis’ first year living the West, and shows his characteristic painting style, influenced by the work of the Group of Seven. The artist was elected to the College of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society in 2017, with the society noting the “a form of recognition given [the artist’s] remarkable travels in Canada and stunning landscapes.” (1)

1. Galleries West, Winnipeg Artist Elected Fellow of Royal Canadian Geographical Society, November 28, 2017, https://www.gallerieswest.ca/news/winnipeg-artist-elected-fellow-of-royal-canadian-geographica/, accesssed May 14, 2022

RFM McInnis is a prolific artist whose work can be found in prestigious galleries in major cities, as well as in private and corporate collections. He has painted portraits of famous Canadians such as Margaret Atwood, Peter Pocklington, Maureen McTeer and Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, among others. Yet, after his…