Horace Champagne

My First Pastel of Monet’s Pond, Giverny, France, 2014

pastel on paper
8x10 in.

Masters Gallery Ltd.;
Private collection Calgary

In 2013, Horace Champagne embarked on a magical series that captured Monet’s famous gardens, including the Japanese bridges, water lilies and ponds that Monet himself painted during his lifetime. This work is the very first of the series, and Champagne renders the lush plant life and reflective pond of Giverny with masterful delicacy.

Horace Champagne lives and works from his two studios, one nestled in the woods of Ile d’Orleans in Quebec, the other on the rocks of Rose Blanche in Newfoundland. He made his first trip to Western Canada in 1980 with 20 pastels tucked under his arm and the goal to…