A.Y. Jackson R.C.A.

Rocky Mountains, c. 1943-1949

oil on panel
10.5x13.5 in.
$28,000 Cdn.

Private collection, Vancouver;
Sale of Heffel Fine Art, November 24, 2005, lot 103;
Private collection

In 1943, Jackson took over George Pepper’s position as an instructor at the Banff School of Fine Arts. “I have never considered myself a teacher,” he wrote in his autobiography, “but I did my best”. He evidently did well, as he continued to teach at Banff until 1949. In his off time, he would paint and sketch around the area. In 2021, Art historian and rocky mountain expert Lisa Christensen identified the mountain in this painting as Grotto Mountain, with the shoulder of Mount Lady MacDonald to the left of the panel. The exact view can be found on the pathways near the Nordic center in Banff. Here, Jackson has highlighted the bright yellows and greens of early fall in the Rockies.

“Seldom was there found a subject all composed and waiting to be painted; out of a confusion of motives the vital one had to be determined upon. Sketching here demanded a quick decision in composition, an ignoring or summarizing of much of the detail, a searching-out of significant form, and…