Henry George Glyde R.C.A.

Rocky Mountains

oil on board
13x16 in.
$8,500 Cdn.

Glyde is celebrated for his representations of the western Canadian landscape. The contributions he made to the culture of Alberta are reflected in the enthusiastic range and depth of his artistic output in this region. The quiet rhythms and softly rounded hills, which characterize much of his painting in England, are here transformed into monumental and solid representations of mountains, rocks and trees. As the frequent painting companion to his friend A. Y. Jackson, Glyde was an important link between the wilderness painting of Ontario’s Group of Seven and the artists of western Canada. His landscapes convey a deep admiration for the richness and varied terrain of the Canadian landscape while keeping a style and expression that is distinctly of the West.

Excerpt from H.G. Glyde: Works from the Estate, Masters Gallery Ltd., 2010

Throughout his long career as an artist and teacher in Calgary, Banff, and Edmonton, English born and educated Henry G. Glyde was a key player in the development of art in Alberta over a 30-year period starting in 1935. In his practice and teaching, Glyde promoted the development of a…