Jean-Paul Riopelle R.C.A.

Sans Titre, 1958

oil on paper on linen
17.5x22 in.

Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles;
Manny Silverman Gallery, Los Angeles;
Galerie Samuel Lallouz, Montreal;
Galerie Valentin, Montreal;
Private collection

In the late 1950s Jean Paul Riopelle was experimenting with oil on paper, and by the 1960s, and had diversified his media. While Riopelle remained faithful to the Automatiste tenets throughout his life, these works have more structure, and not strictly spontaneous. Elements of collage too, would come into his work in a few years, and this work hints at what was to come in the area of white, which has been applied over darkened lines, yet allows them to show through. This work is gestural, agitated and deeply intense, its dark, greyed tones have been mixed directly on the work in places, and applied raggedly, with licks and tendrils of paint that are indicative of the speed at which they were applied.

Jean Paul Riopelle was born in 1923 in Montreal, Quebec. Interested in both art and drafting from an early age, Riopelle’s artistic endeavours were originally based in Academic-style still-life and landscape works He attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts briefly before moving on to study at the École du Meuble in…