Strawberry Blonde, 2022

mixed media on canvas
40x30 in.
$2,600 Cdn.

I don’t like titles that take themselves too seriously. For me, STRAWBERRY BLONDE is a nymph.
Her title draws attention to her hair, which hides her seemingly non-existent breasts. This work is a kind of response to the renaissance painters who saw nymphs as an ideal pretext for depicting female nudes: as they are deities of nature with a great youthful and carefree beauty. It is perhaps also a little unconscious, I have a beautiful young teenager of 13 years with a long hair of this color … I would have to psychoanalyze me!


Born in the Bas-du-Fleuve, Miville (real name Jennifer Tremblay), who grew up and studied set design at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique in Quebec City, is also a renowned costume designer in the television and theater industry. Gestural abstraction, Miville’s work is inspired, at the level of execution, by the abstract…