David Milne

The Green Vase, 1947

14.75x21 in.

Uxbridge, Ontario
Dated lower right: July ’47
Inscribed by Kathleen Milne in 1953: The Green Vase
Inscribed by Duncan Milne on Mat: David Milne: The Green Vase (July 1947); on backing: #19 W[estern]. Art Circuit / David Milne “Green Vase” July 1947
Duncan / Picture Loan;
Dr. And Mrs. S.R. Gelmon, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, through the Western Canada Art Circuit, 1953;
Mira Godard Gallery, 1992;
Private collection, 1993;
Private collection, Calgary
Western Canada Art Circuit, 1953-4, travelled, 19;
Bancroft Art Gallery, 1992, shown only at Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto;
Glenbow, Calgary, 1994-5;
Masters Gallery Ltd., Calgary, 1996;
Nickel Arts Museum, University of Calgary, 1997;

The Green Vase was painted at Uxbridge in the summer of 1947, a period about which David Silcox remarks was the “last steady and sustained drive of Milne’s career”(1). This same year, Milne wrote nearly 200 pages of an autobiography, and in the summer produced a steady flow of paintings. For Milne, flowers were particularly interesting, and he compared their aesthetic pleasure to art itself in his autobiography: “flowers and art have for us, or some of us, a complete and real existence – servants of none, aids to noting. In our love of art and our love of roses we build our own thin canvas, we accept the imperfect world around us, we must, but within it we build our own perfect world, asking no one’s leave and doing a duty to none.”(2) In the fall of 1947, Milne left Uxbridge, after which his output declined until he stopped painting entirely shortly before his death in 1953.

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