Cornelius Krieghoff

The Moccasin Seller

oil on canvas

signed lower right

Private collection, Calgary

Cornelius Krieghoff was the pre-eminent painter of his time, creating highly popular images of settlers and Canada’s indigenous people, whom he observed with an insightful eye and painted with a fine hand. His works are dignified, often humorous and authentic, often based on the people of Caughnawaga, Longueil and Laprairie, all of which were close to his Montreal studio.

Krieghoff, Cornelius (1815 – 1872) Cornelius Krieghoff was born in Amsterdam on June 19, 1815. During his childhood his family moved to Dusseldorf. In his early twenties Krieghoff moved with his brother to America. Once there, Krieghoff enlisted in the American Army and made many topographical studied during his service.…