Lucius O'Brien P.R.C.A.

The Thames River, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament Building, 1889

21x30 in.

Private collection, London, England and Victoria, B.C.;
Masters Gallery Ltd., Calgary;
Collection of Ralph and Sonja Estelle, Victoria

In 1889, Lucius O’Brien took a trip to London to exhibit a solo show of his work at The Royal Albert Hall. Works from this show were received well, and paintings were purchased by Lord Knutsford, colonial secretary, including a work as wedding a gift for Princess Louise of Wales.

Lucius O’Brien (1832 – 1899) Lucius O’Brien was born in Shanty Bay, Ontario. He attended the Upper Canada College in Toronto. He received training in Architecture but was self-taught as a painter. O’Brien was vice president of OSA from 1873 to 1880 and became the first president of the RCA…