Frank Hennessey R.C.A.

Village in the Snow

oil on board
14x14 in.

Walter Klinkhoff Gallery, Montreal;
Frank Jarman Ltd., Ottawa;
Masters Gallery Ltd., Calgary;
Private collection, Tennessee

Frank Charles Hennessey was born in Ottawa and lived his entire life there, painting the nearby Laurentians, small rural villages, and scenes in Canada’s capital city. His list of memberships and accolades is long, and includes full membership in the Royal Canadian Academy, the Ontario Society of Artists, the Ottawa Studio Club, the Ottawa Group, in addition to his being a Fellow of
the Royal Society of Artists. He participated in the 1924 British Empire Exhibition in Wembley, and the 1927 Exposition D’Art Canadien at Le Musée de Jue de Paume in Paris, showing a work owned by the National Gallery of Canada. His career is remarkable, includes a trip to the Arctic in 1908, considerably early, as an artist naturalist. He worked with the 1913 Geological Survey and eventually joined the department of Agriculture’s Entomology Division as an illustrator. All the while, still painting landscapes and scenes of daily life.

As an observer of the fine detail of the natural world, Hennessey was especially adept. His snow scenes are a delight, subtle and muted, Village in the Snow emanates cold. The near-ground dots of snow are expertly handled, feeling as if they are in our space as a viewer, rather than belonging to the scene.

RCA, FRSA, OSA (1893-1941). Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Hennessey studied at Albion College, Michigan (B.A. 1916) but he was largely self-taught. He travelled to the Arctic Circle as an assitant naturalist and artist (c. 1907). He worked for the Geological Survey of Canada (1913-15) and as an entomologist for the…