Andrew James McKay

West 6th Trimmed Hedge

acrylic, ink and graphite on panel
18x24 in.
$3,000 Cdn.

A new fence had gone up at the corner of West 6th and Stephens Street. There was an immense overgrowth of garden that had to be hacked away to allow for an 8” gap so that the fence could be installed. I remember stopping slightly dumbfounded at the scene, very curious as to why a fence would be installed at the site when the density of the hedge more than did the job. At the same time this needed to be taken in context: it was another peculiar decision in a neighbourhood which saw a proliferation of artificial turf and in one case, an artificial net of foliage hung over a hedge which had been killed as a result of over-cutting.

– Andrew James McKay

Andrew James McKay’s practice is an exploration of the relationship(s) between the component and the whole. That is to say: What are the individual and specific details of the life we experience? How do we record and arrange those details to make a work which can tell of that experience?…