Amy Dryer: Dwelling Place

Opening March 13, 2020

Opening Reception
March 14th, 2020
1 – 4PM
Artist’s Talk at 2 PM

My art has always reflected the story of my life. And since the emergence of my son into the world, my dwelling place has become a central focus. Parenthood brings with it a temporary movement inward. Whereas prior to my son I had explored foreign lands and new spaces, now —as I currently travel less — I have wondered whether my work would still reflect the complexity that my adventures provided me.

Over the past year I have developed a more extensive connection with my local environment and have aimed to see everyday places with fresh eyes. I have become interested in exploring the minimal differences that occur over time when focussed on a single subject: the changes in the people around me; the changes of the seasons and the garden; the changes in myself that are not unlike the flowers in the window; the changes in the inner and the outer landscape. In this, I see and explore the idea of change, the main constant in all of our lives, within the space of home.


Photograph by John Dean