Chris Flodberg: Landscapes

January 2021

People who follow my career as a painter will know how important the Southern Alberta landscape has been to me over the years. When I first started painting twenty-seven years ago, my focus and interest was simple and direct: I was trying to capture the landscape in such a way that felt to the viewer how I felt while walking in it.

Of course this is a very traditional motivation for landscape painters, and anyone who attempts it knows how deceptively difficult a thing this is to achieve. Capturing the Alberta landscape in paint has always been an unfinished business in the back of my mind, and one that I continually return to.

While working on a series of large acrylic mountain paintings, I continually found myself going back to the more immediate landscapes that surround all of us day-today. Almost as an aside to what I was doing with the mountains, these smaller oil paintings on wood panels were a grounding experience that directly spoke to what I know and see day-to-day. They are very much a counterpoint to what the mountain summits represent.

My hope with any landscape that I do is that I can convey a direct and immediate impression of light and mood that rings true and familiar to any viewer that lives in Alberta.

Chris Flodberg