Kristine Andrea: Darkness & Light, Simplicity and Grace

April 15 - 24, 2021

I’m thrilled to present Simplicity & Grace collections from last years postponed exhibit due to the pandemic. Just over one year ago I was scheduled for a show here at Masters Gallery followed by a solo exhibit in New York City.

The Simplicity and Grace collection was created during the winter of 2019/2020 and represents figurative drawings and paintings. I’m honoured with the response too these works and witnessing how calming and soothing this collection has been to those that have viewed it, especially over this past year and how we have been managing the changes to our lives.

Over the past few months, I began creating abstracts with the intention to clear my mind. It was my escape from painting subjects, and allowed me more freedom on the canvas. The first painting was white: clean, simplistic. After some time, I felt drawn to build the yang to the yin: the darkness to the light. I created an intense black piece. The process allowed me to let out a lot of emotion that had built up during these interesting times, expressing my inner canvas on the outer one. In order to see light, you need to pass through the darkness. This became the guiding energy of the collection and soon new strokes emerged. Through mindful experimentation, I began to see peaceful ribbons of beauty accentuate both Darkness and Light.

Kristine Andrea