Andrew James McKay: MISSIVES

June 3 - 17, 2021

MISSIVES positions the common lamppost flyer as a forefront signal of the problems we experience in our attempts to communicate. The earnestness, the sincerity, the reaching out to a stranger when seeking what is lost and what is found, what redress may be sought following a wrong. What we want to convey in a direct and honest way, and what happens when that effort is stifled for reasons of form or perhaps more likely is simply overlooked out of neglect. Despite the unlikely odds of these posters having the success we hope they will have when we tape them up, we don’t stop posting them. In this way, these lamppost flyers are paradoxically also a signal of resilience and optimism, a persistence in the face of the innumerable challenges which arise when we try to be in touch with one another.

Andrew James McKay