Michelle Austen: Spirit of Lake O’Hara


I have a huge appreciation for the amazing country I live in and this body of work is a result of two trips where I experienced magical Lake O’Hara in the Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada.

My first trip to the Lake O’Hara Lodge where so many artists I admire have been was in 2018. The views of mountains were hazy due to smoke of all the forest fires. My artwork from this trip reflects the beauty of the green gold moss and brilliant yellow foliage at my feet. I spent hours sketching from a rock at the edge of the lake, noticing a floating feather, distant sounds of the Seven Veils Waterfall, red canoes and the visitors taking in the view.

When I returned in 2019, the skies were clear and I could see the crisp expansive Rocky Mountain vistas. I stayed in the Elizabeth Parker Hut, hiked the trails and saw the brilliant blue of Lake McArthur for the first time through my own eyes. This year, I am excited to share with you the contrast of these trip experiences through my expression of art.

Michelle Austen